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Fireflies Will Soon Light Up the Skies In Mesmerizing Harmony — Here’s How to See Them

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So after 8 years of entering the lottery of car passes in the synchronous firefly event in Tennessee, I FINALLY got one! I get to see them! Google it! #bucketlist #bucketlistitem #synchronousfireflies #synchronicity #fireflies #tennessee #lightningbugs #soexcited #cantwait #greatsmokeymountains

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I made two trips out to the Smokies to see the synchronous fireflies. . It was mesmerizing to stand in the dark woods surrounded by them, watching their bright glow as they weaved around. . The glow patterns differed on each trip. The first time, clusters of the fireflies glowed at the same time. Each cluster turned on as the cluster next to it turned off. This created a pulsing pattern that moved like a wave along the forest. . The second trip, the clusters didn’t take turns as distinctly as the first time. . It’s impossible to capture, with words or a photograph, the enthralling feeling of being there.

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Fireflies gather like this for 2 weeks each year and sync up to find a mate. There are only 3 places to see the synchronous fireflies in the US: Allegheny National Forest, Great Smoky Mountains, or Congaree National Forest. Luckily this was only about a 2 hour drive for me. When I got there it was pouring so I was hoping there wouldn’t be a crowd. Boy was I wrong! Apparently nobody else minded the rain either 😆 3 parking lots overflowed a mile down the street. The light show did not disappoint

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In the dark woods of the Allegheny National Forest. Chinese Lantern Fireflies and Synchronous fireflies. #synchronousfireflies #chineselanternfireflies #pafireflyfestival #alleghenynationalforest #tionesta #midnightintheforest #just_pennsylvania #pa_explorations #exploringpa #panature #visitpa #pennsylvaniaisbeautiful #uncoveringpa #pa_wilds #paspots #igs_america #pennsylvania_wild #patravelhappy #pop_features #pacollective #onlyinpennsylvania #pennlive

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And then the real surprise happened. #fireflies #synchronousfireflies #pafireflyfestival #insects #owlcity #favoritethings #glow #bugs #nighttimephotography

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